Inspiration and professionalism are crucial for the wine and spirits makers. The revival of traditional Russian vodka recipes, the survey of customer needs and continuous perfecting of the quality of the products gives good results. Throughout the years our products had always been appreciated not only by the consumers but also by the professionals.

Our products won:


  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition - DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL WINNER
  • Impact Hot Prospect Award Winner three consecutive years
  • Beverage Dynamics Rising Star Award Winner three consecutive years
  • Chicago Beverage Testing Institute Gold Medal Rated 90 points and Best Buy

Hlebnaya Sleza:

  • 100 Best of Russia -1999, 2000
  • All-Russian fair complex tasting fair – Gold medal (Moscow, 1999)
  • International fair « Interdrink » -Gold Medal (Saint Petersburg, 1999)
  • Nizhniy Novgorod fair –Bronze medal (Nizhniy Novgorod, 1999 г.)
  • «Russian vodka » contest –Silver medal (Kazan, 1999)
  • V- forum «United Russia-2009» - 3 Silver and a Bronze medals (Nizhniy Novgorod, 2000)
  • Honorable standard of the Governor of Nizhniy Novgorod Region (Nizhniy Novgorod, 2000).
  • « Drinks and tobacco » international fair –Silver medal (Moscow, 2001)
  • Tasting contest of the international fair « Drinks and manufacturing technology-2001" –Silver medal (Saint Petersburg, 2001)
  • Russian agricultural fair –Gold and bronze medals (Moscow, 2001)
  • « Best products of Nizhniy Novgorod region » contest – Golden, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals (Nizhniy Novgorod, 2001)
  • Alco & Drinks Show -2 Gold and a Silver medals (Moscow, 2001)
  • «Drinks» international contest- Silver medal (Saint Petersburg, 2001)
  • Russian publicity festival – Golden medal for “Label and Packaging” (Saint Petersburg, 2001 г.)
  • « Drinks Industry » fair - National Quality Award, (Moscow, 2002)
  • XIth Russian agricultural fair - Silver medal (Moscow, 2009 г.)
  • Tasting contest « History of Russian vodka » on the XIVth international forum «United Russia-2009» -5 Golden medals (Nizhniy Novgorod, 2009)

What is Hlebnaya Sleza?

“Hlebnaya Sleza” are people that dedicate themselves and put their souls to make the product that they can be proud of!

The traditions started 500 years ago by Russian distillers. They transferred them throughout the generations.

Hundred years ago the triumph of the Nizhniy Novgorod winemaker Alexander Dolgov made the technology of Nizhniy Novgorod vodka making a real piece art. Since our opening the company protects this art. In our production we mix the traditions and the latest innovations.

The story continues the technologies develop! The respect of traditions is a choice of our team. We ensure that our vodkas would be made with the best quality ingredients. We only use is the high quality spirit “LUX” and pure water, with the natural softness and cleanness. When “Hlebnaya Sleza” is opened you can feel the sweetness of honey, the lightness of the mint, the pine notes, warm of fresh rye crumbs and the leafs of black current that gave their soul to our vodka.

Choosing the right name for our products had always been challenging for us. Then it comes to the choice of the bottle and label that can reflect the soul of our spirits. We always want that our creations would decorate your table. Our vodkas are purified 6 times on the modern and efficient equipment. It gave the highest quality to the vodka keeping the natural taste. Our laboratory controls the quality on all the steps of production and the recipes are chosen by the team of professionals.

Hlebnaya Sleza has won multiple awards and is considered among 100 best products of the Russian Federation. And we do not stop on it!

The rich history of the company and the experience of the management assure the highest quality of the product and explain its popularity. At the moment the production of our plant is distributed not only in most of the regions of the Russian Federation, but also abroad: USA, Spain, Portugal, Korea, Latvia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Armenia, The Kyrgyz Republic and Georgia.

If you are interested in cooperation please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.