“Hlebnaya Sleza“ is one of the most technological companies of the Russian alcohol market. The production of high quality vodka is our key division. The efficacy of the company is ensured by the high qualification of our team on each level.

The distillery plant produced our first vodka in 1992, which was straightly appreciated by the consumers. High quality and contemporary design of bottles has always been the signature of the company. Each vodka recipe is unique and was created by our own technologists.

We manage to be present in all the price segments – from middle to the extra premium. We always enrich our assortment with new brands.

For our clients in United States we produce exclusively private label vodka “Select Ruskova“.

Why is Hlebnaya Sleza so popular? Our motto is the quality!

We have bigger restrictions then the sanitary norms to the quality of water and spirit used in the production of our vodkas. All the production, no matter the price segment is made using artesian water and high quality spirit made from wheat and rye. Their quality must correspond to the ones, settled in our company. The quality control is made by a legally registered laboratory.

Hlebnaya Sleza uses the most recent filing lines from the leader producers of technological support of the food industry.

Filling lines assure the accuracy of each operation: from careful dosage and capping, to quality labeling and date marking. The modern complex allows bottling a wide range of premium products in bottles of various shapes and capacities.

Due to this thoughtful equipment of the production, together with the skilled work of the entire team, that has ensured our leadership in the quality of products. All our achievements are the result of the philosophy of Hlebnaya Sleza: “Our future and past are based on understanding and developing of the term «High quality product»”.

The structure of the company, our hierarchy model and the management are in accordance with the international standards. That let Hlebnaya Sleza become one of the biggest exporters in the Russian Federation and the leader in the quality of alcoholic production. Our main priorities are: development and the increasing of quality and efficiency in production and sales, increasing of profitability, growth of capitalization of managed production assets.


The mission of our company is to revive, keep and enrich the best traditions and the mysteries of Nizhniy Novgorod distilling. Thanks to Alexander Dolgov and other famous countryman vodkas from Nizhniy Novgorod became famous even in the XIX century. And Hlebnaya Sleza is now going to get it back!

Our vodkas concentrate in it the secrets of many generations of Nizhniy Novgorod distillers. Russian vodka keeps clear mind and nice mood despite the degree. She differs from other strong alcohols. For its clearness people named it “vodka” (the diminutive petting of “voda” which means water), and the last plays one of the key roles in the production.

The history of Russian vodka didn’t start with the invention of distillation. It was just a technical help for the producers. Europe learned about Russian Vodka in the end of XVIII century. This time was the most successful in the development of new recipes. Most of the vodkas were made by the noble homes from whom the purification mattered a lot and they made large investments to ensure the good quality.

XIX century was very challenging for Russian vodka. Germany and Poland starts massive production of commercial spirit which was made of potatoes. As potatoes costs much less some eastern Russian and Byelorussian producers didn’t resist and started to make the vodka from potatoes. But the market rejected those vodkas. Instead of the grains vodkas, potatoes vodkas gave a headache because of the more important presence of fusel oils and other impurities. Using coagulators and filters you can take almost all the impurities of grains spirit which is almost impossible with the potatoes one.

Traditional Russian distillers replied to this “potatoes expansion” by the increasing of the quality of production. From the second part of the XIX century the producers paid special attention to the renewal of the equipment, buying the new technologies and new techniques such as aeration of grains. In 60-70 many private companies expended their production. The biggest ones were: “Vdova M. A. Popova” (Popov's widow) producing famous rye vodka, Nizhniy Novgorod company “Alexander Dolgov and Co” producing the label “Stolovaya № 30” (table vodka № 30). The most famous and biggest “Torgoviy dom Petra Smirnova” (Petr Smirnov 's trading house) was born in Moscow by the heirs of Alexei Smirnoff, the progenitor of the family name.

What is Hlebnaya Sleza?

“Hlebnaya Sleza” are people that dedicate themselves and put their souls to make the product that they can be proud of!

The traditions started 500 years ago by Russian distillers. They transferred them throughout the generations.

Hundred years ago the triumph of the Nizhniy Novgorod winemaker Alexander Dolgov made the technology of Nizhniy Novgorod vodka making a real piece art. Since our opening the company protects this art. In our production we mix the traditions and the latest innovations.

The story continues the technologies develop! The respect of traditions is a choice of our team. We ensure that our vodkas would be made with the best quality ingredients. We only use is the high quality spirit “LUX” and pure water, with the natural softness and cleanness. When “Hlebnaya Sleza” is opened you can feel the sweetness of honey, the lightness of the mint, the pine notes, warm of fresh rye crumbs and the leafs of black current that gave their soul to our vodka.

Choosing the right name for our products had always been challenging for us. Then it comes to the choice of the bottle and label that can reflect the soul of our spirits. We always want that our creations would decorate your table. Our vodkas are purified 6 times on the modern and efficient equipment. It gave the highest quality to the vodka keeping the natural taste. Our laboratory controls the quality on all the steps of production and the recipes are chosen by the team of professionals.

Hlebnaya Sleza has won multiple awards and is considered among 100 best products of the Russian Federation. And we do not stop on it!

The rich history of the company and the experience of the management assure the highest quality of the product and explain its popularity. At the moment the production of our plant is distributed not only in most of the regions of the Russian Federation, but also abroad: USA, Spain, Portugal, Korea, Latvia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Armenia, The Kyrgyz Republic and Georgia.

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