The most "patriotic" layered cocktail. All you need to do is to pour the syrup, liqueur and vodka into the glass in the order indicated, like the colors of the Russian tricolor — Red, Blue and White. KGB cocktail is ready. Drink in one gulp, in one gulp, and only in one gulp! Toast "for RUSSIA" is welcome!


Russian AvanGard vodka, berry syrup (Grenadine), Blue Curacao liqueur.

Cooking method:

In a 100-gram glass pour 20 grams. berry syrup, slowly add 20 grams. Blue Curacao liqueur, and then 20 grams as slowly. vodka "RA".

To make 10 cocktails, take:

0.25 l bottle Russian Avant-garde vodka, berry syrup 200 gr, Blue Curacao liqueur 200 gr.